Steilacoom's 7th Annual National Drive Electric Week

Posted:  Sep 12, 2020
Welcome to our annual NDEW Steilacoom VII (Yes, our 7th event already)!

Our venue will be the same as last year.  Event will again be in historic downtown Steilacoom (oldest municipality in the State of Washington--1854).  Event is centered at the Tennis Courts with parking spots for electric vehicles along the closed to through traffic Lafayette, and Wilkes Streets).  We will have enough parking for 130 electric vehicles which is our 2020 goal and parking in other parts of town for visitors.  Event starts at 11 AM and finish at 3 PM.  We will have many Electric Vehicle themed vendor booths.

There is a coffee shop (Steilacoom Coffee Cabin), two restaurants (Bair Drug and Topside) and the brand new Steilacoom Tap Room right at the site. We will invite one or more food vendors.  Rides will be offered and cars will be displayed.  There is one level two charger in the pay parking lot.

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