The Steilacoom Chamber of Commerce: a STRONGER community starts at the Chamber.

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A more CONNECTED business community starts at the Chamber.

Member Information

Chamber members are dedicated to making our town a great place to live, work, play, and get business done. When the Chamber connects, Steilacoom wins.

Member Directory

Find a Steilacoom business or business person. From professional services, to recreation, to dining, and more, Steilacoom Chamber businesses are the lifeblood of our community.

Membership Benefits

From networking, learning opportunities, and service opportunities, to heightened exposure for you or your business, chamber membership pays dividends.

Renew or Become a Member

Ready to take the plunge and join the Steilacoom Chamber of Commerce (or renew your membership)? Joining is quick, easy, and affordable.

Town of Steilacoom Garage Sale

Steilacoom's annual town-wide garage sale is always hosted the 2nd Saturday in August which is the 10th this year!

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A HEALTHIER business environment starts at the chamber.

About the Chamber

Going strong for over two decades, the Steilacoom Chamber of Commerce supports our town's vibrant business community and serves the community at large.


Our volunteer leadership team works hard to support our membership and serve our community.

Chamber History

Steilacoom is a community steeped in history yet alive with new opportunity. Same with the Steilacoom Chamber of Commerce.

Steilacoom History

Whether you are planning a move to the Puget Sound area and exploring the Town of Steilacoom or just curious about our history, Steilacoom has a story to tell.

Steilacoom Attractions

Steilacoom’s attractions are many. In the 1930’s, our area’s first female real estate agent coined the slogan “Steilacoom has charm.”

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