Strive For 5 at Cherrydale Primary School

Posted:  Jun 25, 2019
To encourage good attendance, all students at Cherrydale Primary School that have missed 5 days or less of school will be entered into a drawing at the end of the school year to win a bike. The bikes are being donated by strong supporters of this drive to recognize students for their good attendance.

Within the Steilacoom Historical School District neat things are happening. The team at Cherrydale paired with some great volunteers including Jessie and Kathy Garza who are heading this program at Cherrydale Primary School. 

Attending school regularly helps children feel better about school and themselves. Starting to build this habit early on helps them learn right away that going to school everyday and on time is important. Good attendance will help prepare children to do well in high school, college and at beyond. 


As members of the Chamber of Commerce the Steilacoom Historical School district has supported the Steilacoom Chamber of Commerce for many years and the businesses would love to support in any way possible. 


This being said the school is looking for bikes to be donated to this program that will help build our children now and in the future. If you are interested in donating a bike please contact the school below.


Cherrydale Primary School Principal, Ryan Douglas
1201 Galloway Street
Steilacoom, WA. 98388
(253) 983-2500

Click to enlarge Strive For 5 Strive For 5

A shot on one of the bikes already donated with the Principal at Cherrydale Elementary.

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