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Posted:  Oct 29, 2019
4siteSolutions is a small business consulting firm owned by Carol and Dave Rehnberg.

Carol, Lead Designer, has taken a circuitous route to becoming a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. Early on, armed with a BA in Graphic Design, she somehow fell into a career in the insurance claims industry, and then business operations and finally risk management for public entities. Mid-career, as the operations manager of a small business, she found herself wearing many hats, which included updating, and ultimately redesigning the company’s website. Since money was tight, she taught herself to code and did it herself. And, had a blast doing it. The creative bent that had inspired her original choice of attending art school was rekindled.

In recent years, Carol has begun applying her creative talents to other artistic endeavors. She has transferred her skills using physical media to e-media and now uses Illustrator, Photoshop and other applications to create designs and illustrations in a wide variety of styles.

Because of her business background, she is also adept at business applications including Excel, Word, Access, e-marketing tools and more. She also still builds websites, now primarily using WordPress. Carol’s wide range of skills makes her a “one stop shop” for many common small business needs.

Dave is the company's Chief Marketing and Innovation Strategist. Dave gained his experience in Marketing as an administrator in private schools, again leveraging technology to make a big impact with a limited budget.

For clients located in the Puget Sound area, we are available to meet face-to-face, if that's what you would like. Or we can work by phone and email, no matter where you are.

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