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Becoming a member: Be a part of it all

Posted:  Sep 28, 2018
Ready to take the plunge and join the Steilacoom Chamber of Commerce (or renew your membership)? Joining is quick, easy, and affordable.

Whether you’re an individual, business leader, public servant, business owner, or entrepreneur, joining the Steilacoom Chamber of Commerce is your chance to get access to the people you want to know and the marketing power that our organization provides (membership benefits). The Chamber's viability is assured by the strength in numbers of its members!

Annual/Renewal Membership Cost

The cost benefit analysis on this one is easy, folks. Annual membership fees for the Steilacoom Chamber of Commerce span the following range:

  • $20 - Individual membership
  • $40 - Home-based business membership
  • $80 - Storefront business membership

If continuing your membership and maintaining the viability of the Business Community we thank you for your continued membership in the Steilacoom Chamber of Commerce. 

Our unique combination of advertising tools (online directory, printed business directory, e-newsletters, etc.) and networking platform provide individuals and business owners an affordable avenue to grow their visibility, expand their sphere of influence, and broaden their business opportunities.

Start or continue to experience the benefits today by downloading and sending in your application to the address below -or-  you can sign up right here online!

Send -or- Steilacoom Chamber of Commerce | PO Box 88584 | Steilacoom, WA 98388


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