Town of Steilacoom Garage Sale

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Steilacoom's annual town-wide garage sale is always hosted the 2nd Saturday in August which is the 10th this year!

Dig out those treasures hidden away in your attics, closets, garages and dark spaces and bring them to Steilacoom! Rent a space on the Tennis Courts or sip sun tea in your yard and let the people come to you! We will be advertising this event via local and social media. Also, as an added benefit, street maps will be available showing the addresses of those participating!

This is a fundraising event to support scholarships for local students. We greatly appreciate your participation and donations! 

A street map will be available showing all the addresses of those participating. It can be picked up the morning of the yard sale at the corner of Lafayette and Wilkes Streets.

How to get on the map: Register your garage sale and be put on the map by filling out the form(s) and paying $10 below.

How to rent a 15' x 15' tennis court spot: Sign up to rent a 15' x 15' space by filling out the form(s) and paying $25 below! 

For paper applications see the link below.

List Your Sale or Rent a Space

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